Zakhar Bron


Zakhar Bron

Bron was born in 1947 in Ural'sk in the former Soviet Union.He was a pupil of Igor Oistrakh at Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow. While teaching at that conservatory and at music schools throughout Europe, he has educated such world-class, up-and-coming violin artists as Vadim Repin, Maxim Vengerov, Daishin Kashimoto, Tamaki Kawakubo, Sayaka Shoji and Mayuko Kamio. Mr. Bron currently is a professor at music colleges and conservatories in Cologne, Zurich and Madrid, and frequently serves as a judge at Tchaikovsky and Oistrakh international competitions. He is highly esteemed by students and instructors alike for his passionate style in which he draws out the capabilities of his students while demonstrating his play of violin. Mr. Bron also performs and has earned awards at such in international contests as the Queen Elisabeth Competition and the Wieniawski International Violin Competition.

There are numerous young musicians around the world unable to purchase high-end musical instruments and whose performances plateau due to the Capabilities of their instruments. Mr. Bron believes that collaborating with Yamaha in jointly developing affordably priced, high-quality violins for these young musicians will lead to the fulfillment of his mission as an instructor. His relationship with Yamaha began in 2002 based in part on this strong aspiration. Mr. Bron was involved in the joint development of the carbon bow "Bron Model" and provided a wealth of beneficial advice as a collaborating artist in the development of the finest violins. He has also made significant contributions to development by asking his own students to assess their own progress and development when using prototype instruments over long periods of time and by using Yamaha instruments in competitions for verifying comparative performance. Additionally, he has demonstrated his readiness to cooperate in sales promotions. In this way, Mr. Bron is truly one of the most essential artists for Yamaha violins.

Chris Minh Doky

Крис Мин Доки (Chris Minh Doky)

Крис Мин Доки выделяется как один из самых талантливых бас-гитаристов в современном музыкальном мире. Этот исполнитель по праву считается одним из мастеров игры на контрабасе, широко известным своей страстной манерой игры и невероятной техникой. Крис Мин Доки родился в музыкальной семье в Копенгагене (Дания). Его отец заинтересовал его музыкой и начал учить играть на фортепиано, когда Крису было шесть лет.