ProVisionaire Control

Прошивка ProVisionaire Control/Touch will be будет обновлена до версии 3.5. Новая версия станет доступной для загрузки летом 2019 года.

Customizable control panel software for Yamaha PA system (for Windows)

By simply dragging and dropping widgets such as faders and switches onto a screen, you can create an ideal original control panel dedicated to the applications and functions required for an installation project. No programming know-how or experience is necessary.

ProVisionaire Control can control a wide range of Yamaha PA equipment such as MTX/MRX series signal processors, CL/QL/TF series digital mixers, the Rio series I/O boxes and the XMV series power amplifiers. In additon, it allows users to control NXAMPmk2 NEXO powered TD controller by using the ProVisionaire Control Version 3.0 or later. ProVisionaire Control offers a total Yamaha and NEXO control solution.

Supported devices

ProVisionaire Control Ver3.0
Processor MTX3, MTX5-D, MRX7-D
Digital Mixing Console, Digital Mixer CL1, CL3, CL5, QL1, QL5
Power Amplifier XMV4140, XMV4140-D, XMV4280, XMV4280-D, XMV8140, XMV8140-D, XMV8280, XMV8280-D
NEXO Powered TD Controller NXAMP4x1mk2, NXAMP4x2mk2
I/O EXi8, EXo8
Rio3224-D, Rio1608-D, Ri8-D, Ro8-D
Speaker System VXL1B-16P, VXL1W-16P

System Example:Dante network for AV presentation/BGM/Paging system(Enterprise/Education/Hotel Banquet)

・Aggregate in-house broadcasting and voice control of each area into MRX7-D system, and manage them all with Provisionaire Control.

・The volume of the Meeting Room is individually controlled by the control panel "MCP 1" installed in each room.

・Utilize digital mixer when more voice input and more detailed operations are required for panel discussion, lecture, band performance etc.

Intuitive and simple approach to design flexible controllers

Microphone and CD player volume faders, ON/OFF switches and other widgets can be freely arranged on the design page with drag and drop operation. ProVisionaire Control provides an easy, intuitive way to create original controllers that are ideally configured for the target installation. Multiple design pages are available so that different control panels can be provided for different audio zones and/or users, with presets and parameter settings optimized for each.

Используйте ProVisionaire Control для дизайна и настройки ProVisionaire Touch KIOSK

Экраны управления в приложении для iPad ProVisionaire Touch KIOSK ранее можно было настроить с помощью ProVisionaire Touch, но начиная с этого обновления для их настройки необходимо использовать программу для ПК ProVisionaire Control и отправлять настройки напрямую через Wi-Fi. Такая взаимозаменяемость при настройке контроллеров особенно удобна, если нужно быстро создать большое количество контроллеров.

Примечания. При открытии файла настроек, созданного в ProVisionaire Touch, может произойти сбой приложения ProVisionaire Touch KIOSK, если в нем открыт файл контроллера, созданный с помощью ProVisionaire Control. В этом случае рекомендуем перезапустить ProVisionaire Touch KIOSK и открыть файл контроллера.

Editing functions that are convenient for designing controllers

ProVisionaire Control Version 3.0 provides controllers that are even more convenient and easier to use. For example, the designer can now specify a "Master style" that defines aspects such as the default color and font for each widget, and there's also a widget for interoperation with the SD card player function featured on the MTX/MRX series.

"Master Style"

This allows you to define and specify the widget design in order to efficiently create them in accordance with your own style. A style you specify can be saved as a file, and then shared with other instances of ProVisionaire Control.

"Widget list"

Widget Ver1.0 V3.0
Recall Button
Page Control Button
Direct Set Button
On/Off Button
Inc/Dec Button New
Direct Play Button New
Play Info New
Transport New
Track List New
Value New
Indicator New
Image New

User Level Access Control

ProVisionaire Control and ProVisionaire Control KIOSK have four user level management functions. By utilizing this function, it prevents controller users from accessing the operating system so that unintended control or design changes cannot occur.

Basic procedure: setup to operation

Step 1: Controller Design

Create a layout with widgets that perform the functions of faders and switches, and assign them to the required control devices.

Step 2: Check & Delivery

By using the controller function of PVC, use it as an actual controller to check the appearance and usability.

Step 3: Operation

Once the system is online, all compatible devices can be controlled. The tablet device can be mounted on a wall or other fixed surface, or used handheld for maximum remote control freedom and convenience.

ProVisionaire Control KIOSK

This software allows the Windows PC/Tablet to be set up to function as a dedicated controller, preventing users from accessing the operating system or other applications so that unintended control or design changes cannot occur. Operation widgets, such as faders and switches, and monitor functions are consolidated onto one screen with ProVisionaire Control. And, the use of ProVisionaire Control KIOSK will provide smooth and safe operation of a PA system.


Модель NXAMPmk2, доступная в версиях на 4 Х 1300 Вт и 4 Х 2500 Вт, сочетает продвинутые технологии обработки сигналов и сверхсовременные четырехканальные усилители класса D, образуя универсальное и удобное решение по усилению и управлению для акустических систем NEXO.