YCL-450M Кларнеты в строе Bb

When designing the YCL-450 Series, we conceived it as an instrument that a player just starting out, would want to continue playing well into the future. These are all Grenadilla instruments designed with the know-how gained through years of experience crafting professional level instruments. The YCL-450M additionally features our “Duet+” treatment applied to the instrument bore making the instrument more durable and less susceptible to the effects of humidity and temperature.


99000 ₽
*рекомендованная цена

Студенческая модель кларнета Duet+, строй: Bb, 65 мм бочонок, внутренняя поверхность верхнего колена обработана ABS-пластиком, серебряное покрытие механики.