The Design Is Innovative, the Sound Is Dynamic, Vivid and “Live”

NS-700 speakers deliver sound that is so dynamic and vivid, it seems live. One of the main reasons for this is the nonparallel design of the cabinets. In designing them, the Yamaha speaker team aimed to maximise sound clarity and imaging, while minimising internal standing waves. They succeeded with a rounded top panel that helps to reduce vertical standing waves, and a trapezoidal shape that serves to reduce the horizontal ones. The result is a very natural, expansive sound, making the NS-700 speakers excellent for both multi-channel music of any genre and home theatre use.

Диффузоры НЧ- и СЧ-динамиков по технологии A-PMD

Yamaha’s exclusive A-PMD (Advanced Polymer-injected Mica Diaphragm) cones are extremely light, rigid and sturdy thanks to the use of a low specific gravity material called PMP (Poly-Methyl-Pentene) that is much lighter than polypropylene. It provides very fast response time (sound rise and fall), as well as excellent midrange clarity and bass response. Outstanding internal loss characteristics decrease unwanted resonances to achieve the smooth frequency response that results in natural sounding vocals.

ВЧ-динамик с алюминиевым куполом по технологии DC-Diaphragm™

The high-performance 3cm (1-1/8”) tweeter features a dome made of aluminium, with Yamaha’s DC-Diaphragm that integrates the diaphragm and voice coil. It is extremely light yet durable, and transmits large amounts of sound information (highly detailed sound) for a denser sound field. As a result, this tweeter delivers highs that are crisp and clear at all power levels.

Three-Way Mitered-Joint Construction for a Rigid Body

Высокое мастерство Yamaha в работе с деревом оказалось весьма полезным при изготовлении корпусов АС методом соединения трех плоскостей под углом 45 градусов.

Этот метод позволяет создавать исключительно прочные соединения, и вся конструкция функционирует как единое целое, обеспечивая воспроизведение упругого баса.