Allen Vizzutti



"Finely tuned wind, easy control, poly harmonic wit, orchestral penmanship, punctuated spiritual warmth...rarely do so many qualities find themselves in one musician."- Chick Corea

Allen Vizzutti has visited over 60 countries and every state in the union to perform with a rainbow of artists and ensembles as both a classical and jazz artist. He has appeared as guest soloist with symphony orchestras, in recital, on television and in jazz venues around the world.

Allen's soaring trumpet sound can be heard on over 150 movie and game soundtracks including `Star Trek'. `Back to the Future', and `Halo' and `Medal of Honor'. Allen's love of expression through composition has led to premier performances by the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Budapest Radio Orchestra, the Royal Philharmonic of London, the Nuremberg Symphony, the Minnesota Orchestra, the Summit Brass, the US Navy and Air Force Bands.

He is a strong proponent of music education and his "Allen Vizzutti Trumpet Method" has become a standard treatise used worldwide.

Nobuya Sugawa

Нобуя Сугава (Nobuya Sugawa)

Nobuya Sugawa is an internationally acclaimed saxophonist whom Japan is very much proud of. He has assumed a role of the concert master of Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra for almost 22 years from 1989 through 2010. Currently along with the activities as a soloist, he performs as a member of Trouvère Quartet. He also serves as the resident conductor of Yamaha Symphonic Band, and is a visiting professor of Tokyo University of Arts.

Dave Koz

Дэйв Коз (Dave Koz)

За два десятилетия своей карьеры Дэйв Коз записал полтора десятка альбомов, продающихся миллионными тиражами, зарекомендовал себя как успешный организатор концертов, радиоведущий, пропагандист инструментальной музыки и филантроп. Шесть раз Дэйв был номинирован на премию "Грэмми", а в 2009 году он был удостоен звезды на Голливудской "Аллее славы".